Startup Medical Device Companies

Genesis has a senior team of professionals with deep experience in all of the traditional functional areas for medical device startup companies including:

In having these valuable resources and areas of expertise, we are able to assess the operational needs on a company by company basis. We book the right resources in the company at the right time to be most effective, and also most efficient from a capital needs standpoint.

Hands-on Approach From The Start

Here at Genesis, we are all interested in playing a participative role in helping a startup build into a thriving company. It’s our belief that unless we align our interests together with the interests of those that are already in the startup medical device company, it’s destined for failure.

So far, Genesis has been able to play a deep operational role in most of the functional needs of the medical device startup companies that we are involved with.

We can take an approach to the very high-level leadership level or guidance level, but also there are things that we get very detailed on, especially in the early stages.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to find our CEO dealing specifically with what should be the tolerance on a feature for a medical device. Often, the leader of our finance and operations team can be found putting product in a box, taping the label on the box, and shipping it out for delivery.

One differentiator for Genesis is that no one on our team is looking for a “big chair job.” We all know that sometimes that means getting involved and doing the hard work that’s maybe not so fun sometimes, but that’s also where we get a lot of enjoyment.

Scalability With The Genesis Model

We have thought very carefully about how we build out our team so that we can continue to scale as the medical device startup companies we’re involved with begin to grow.

One thing that’s really interesting about Genesis is that we’ve never had to hire a recruiter to get anybody in our organization. It seems that people enjoy working with us, but also they enjoy working in the Genesis model.

The model that we’ve built is very entrepreneurial. Someone who is an expert in their field, and also wants to live in that exciting entrepreneurial environment is going to thrive working with us.

In terms of addressing scale, this is key in our continued ability to attract top talent.

Many of these individuals are experienced Senior Vice Presidents, or experienced R&D professionals who don’t want to be in the bigger medical device companies. These people all come with an entrepreneurial drive and are highly engaged because they literally have an opportunity to make a lasting impact.

This model has served us well and provides strong leadership that is strategically suited for each of the startup medical device companies we work with.

A True Team Effort

Our approach is not just writing a check and hoping it turns into a lot bigger check one day regardless of whatever happens to anybody else. That is not who we are, and that is not how we operate.