Medical Device Finance and Operations

Expertise to Elevate Medical Innovation

Business Planning, Reports and Board Management for Medical Device Finance and Operations

The Genesis Finance Operation Services brings Advisors, Legal, Insurance, and Accounting capabilities to the table for the start-up medical device companies we work with.

This approach helps the entrepreneurs we work with a focus on what they do best while ensuring that the organization and business are structured correctly from the very beginning.

This includes everything from Operating Agreements, Subscription Agreements, and Cap Tables.

Business Planning, Reports and Board Management

The Genesis Medical Device Finance Operation Services can create the business plans and the accounting systems to ensure that capital invested into the business is tracked and spent correctly, and is aligned with the objectives of the business.

We have reporting packages and can develop reporting packages for the business that provide monthly operating reports, as well as board reports and board governance materials to ensure that the business is operating correctly.

Speed To Market

While every business is a little bit different, there is a foundational core of requirements that are relatively the same business to business in the medical device space. Given our experience and model, we can make this a very fast process benefiting the entrepreneurs we work with.

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