Having these relationships and resources is also a strategic advantage for us during the due diligence process for our medical device development.

A lot of times we’ll leverage our relationships with these medical device sales professionals for expertise, advice, and counsel. We’ll look at things together early on to answer questions such as:

  • Is this even something we want to look at?
  • Is this something you could sell?
  • What’s the process that you anticipate having?
  • How difficult would it be from your opinion to get it into back approval and get it through?

This is a critical step provides so much valuable insight into the potential success of a new and innovative medical device because they’re out living it every day.

A lot of times, we value the input of the commercial teams in the field as much, or more so sometimes, than relying on the physicians only.

These sales professionals “live and breathe it” every day, and they know what the challenges are.

So they’re a great resource for us to evaluate opportunities.

The second part is we do this very early stage. We’ll bring them in for counsel as we’re first hearing about an opportunity. Together we’ll quickly assess what needs are to be able to commercialize this type of product that we’re looking at.