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Medical Device Development 

Medical Device Investing 

From Genesis to Execution

Genesis is an early-stage investor in medical device technology. We are differentiated through our deep level of engagement in delivering value through all stages of the commercialization process.

This is accomplished by leveraging the time, talent, and financial resources of the Genesis Innovation Group Portfolio.

This is where we find and create the concepts that represent the beginnings of solutions to unsolved problems.

Through the smart deployment of talent and resources, we confirm or query whether further investment is a great opportunity.

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Fortunately, we have the talent, experience, and know-how to turn fully developed innovations into valuable assets.

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Further investment in the best of our innovations and findings at the early stages can lead to outsized returns due to our highly operational engagement.

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With more than 200 patents and innovations among its founders, Genesis Innovations Group is a leader in medical device development and commercialization.

Rob Ball

Rob Ball



Matt Ahearn


Dave Blue

Dave Blue


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Don Running


Jeff Ondrla

Jeff Ondrla



R. Sean Churchill, MD, MBA

Executive Director

Representative Investments

Shoulder Innovations

Shoulder Innovations

Most problems with shoulder replacement surgery are driven by the fact that the glenoid sits on top of the bony surface. The InSet™ Glenoid addresses those issues.
sentiar cultivate(MD)


At SentiAR, our holographic, Augmented Reality (AR) technology provides physicians with a single source of truth during interventional procedures – giving them a real-time, interactive, 360-degree view of the treatment they’re delivering.
spintech mri genesis


SpinTech has developed a suite of software that offers innovative advancements for brain scan MRIs.
NSite Medical Genesis


After having validated the use of widely available 3D scanners as a clinical tool for diagnosis and management of orthopedic applications, we have developed an AI algorithm to improve scoliosis diagnosis and management both remotely and in-person. NSite can quantitively assess body asymmetry by measuring the difference in spatial relationships between anatomic landmarks and improve on the standard assessment. To achieve this, our technology uses a 3D representation of deformity that incorporates the altered soft tissue envelop using portable, radiation-free technology.

Our mission is to significantly improve access to scoliosis screening while saving cost for all stakeholders.

happe spine genesis


Hydroxyapatite Porous PEEK (HAPPE), when fabricated through our proprietary technology, provides for the optimal mechanical properties of PEEK polymer materials, while providing improved surface texture inviting boney engagement, interconnected porosity for long term fixation, and the bioactive properties of HA to provide an effective construct for bone ingrowth. The HA further improves mechanical properties compared to standard PEEK, and all together, optimizes imaging for post-operative diagnosis.
mdc genesis

Magnesium Development

Our technology is a breakthrough magnesium (Mg) alloy technology It combines the strength and handling properties of metal with complete absorption.

Mg is a common element in the body and breaks down through a natural degradation process as it is absorbed and is removed from the body (more natural compared to hydrolysis of biocomposite / similar materials). Mg allows for many engineering advantages due to its high strength.

This exclusive and proprietary magnesium technology provides optimal characteristics not found in existing soft tissue fixation devices, including high strength, controlled absorption, while promoting regrowth of host tissue. The method of manufacturing provides mechanical strength at least 2X that of PEEK, a well-known performance polymer used in similar indications.

Virtual Incision genesis

Virtual Incision

Virtual Incision is reimagining surgical robotics, with simple innovations offering mobility, flexibility, and accessibility to provide minimally invasive options to more patients. The company is developing the MIRA (“miniaturized in vivo robotic assistant”) Surgical Robotic Platform, a first-of-its-kind miniaturized surgical robot, focusing first on colon resection, with follow-on specialty robots for additional potential applications like hernia repair, gallbladder removal, antireflux surgery, splenectomy, adrenalectomy, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, hysterectomy, and hepato-pancreato-biliary procedures.
strados genesis


The Strados RESP provides remote patient access by unlocking lung sound data and putting it into the hands of the entire clinical team via the cloud.
embody genesis


Embody, Inc., is a regenerative medicine company focused on the development and commercialization of implantable medical devices to address the unmet demands in soft tissue restoration and regeneration. Leveraging our expertise in biomaterial design, biofabrication, nanotechnology, and medical devices, we are engineering implantable devices that will disrupt and significantly improve patient outcomes in soft tissue surgical applications.
medical ingenuities genesis

Medical Ingenuities

The PH Band System removes the guesswork from radial artery closure. It provides the user with real-time Doppler feedback to audibly detect antegrade flow past the compression point, signifying that the radial artery is patent. By validating patent hemostasis at application, there is no need for frequent pressure adjustments.
sterile processing express cultivate(MD)

Sterile Processing Express

Our solution expands the revenue capacity of any surgical facility. We provide the sterile processing and logistic support that unlocks the potential to do multiple total joints in your ASC. We deliver sterile vendor trays ready for patient care and pick up those same trays post-procedure for processing in our modern purpose-built sterilization facility. Our information system will make the process look like it is happening in your own department.
safkan genesis

SafKan Health

Every week 231,000+ Americans have their ears cleaned by physicians.

The SafKan OtoSet is the first automated and wearable cerumen removal device.

Building Deep Relationships

Built on trust, with a long history of successful ventures

“Genesis played an integral role in developing the strategy for my company. Together with additional investment of time, talent, and money by Genesis, Imascap has grown beyond my expectations.”

Jean Chaoui PhDCEO - Imascap SAS

“Wakestream has invested along side Genesis in two of their portfolio companies because we have come to appreciate the depth of experience of the talent at Genesis and their highly innovative approach to business.”

Mike DeVriesChief Investment Officer - Wakestream Ventures

“I sought to leverage the value of my IP for years and struggled to get traction. Genesis engaged my project and within a year they did everything they said they would do, and the result was everything I hoped.”

Stephen Gunther, MDCharlottesville, VA

“After being here (2019 The State of Spine Surgery Think Tank) I’m even more glad to have partnered with Genesis. Your connections, experience, and overall perspective is perfect.”

Dr. Ryan RoederFounder and Inventor - HAPPE Spine

“One of the best compliments I can say about Genesis is they have done every aspect of medical startup business, and succeeded at it, multiple times. Their professionalism throughout the vetting process was so far superior to any other group we had worked with. Genesis’ unique approach to investing comes from wearing every hat in the process, allowing them to know exactly where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. It has been a pleasure working with them.”

Chip CorriganCEO - Medical Ingenuities

If you are interested in learning more about future investment opportunities or becoming a strategic partner with us in this trillion-dollar healthcare economy, please connect with us.

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