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Innovation in Medical Device Development

Our team has more than a century of experience in the medical device development space, and over two hundred patents and innovations to our names combined. There are three different entry points where Genesis engages in a medical device development project


Raw Innovations

Medical Device Development, mans head with a lightbulb and gear generating ideas.

We are innovators at our core, and constantly seeking to intimately understand healthcare’s most significant problems. This can’t help but lead to exciting innovation and the creation of investable intellectual property.


Early Stage Technology Execution

We frequently encounter an innovator who has conceived of a solution to a challenging problem, and proven that the solution works. The next, and often the most difficult, step is to build the team around the innovation as to create a truly valuable asset


Market Ready, Mature Technology

Representing the ultimate culmination of Pathways 1 and 2, we have established cultivate(MD) Capital Fund to provide more substantial investments into early-stage medical device companies. Genesis Innovation Group Development Model — a Risk-Based Approach.

Female entrepreneur getting ready to go through the medical device developmental steps with Genesis Innovation Group.

Small Bites, But Specifically Oriented

To the companies that we invest in, we normally take small bites. That model is not very new or special, but it is what’s different about the way we do it at Genesis. The small bites are specifically oriented around clearly identified risks.

For example, an entrepreneur brought us an innovation that we believed was going to be a great solution to a problem. Our models indicated that this medical technology was going to produce a lot of value over time and solve problems for patients. 

However, we needed to make some investments that would work toward mitigating some risks. We clearly identified those risks in order to boost our confidence in investing.

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Our Medical Device Development Cycle

That is how we approach the medical device development cycle. We collect inputs from the end-user and we engage the end-user. We identify the risks that threaten our ability to satisfy the needs of the end-user and then work systematically to mitigate those risks one after the next. It is this approach that makes investing in medical devices exciting.

The Value Of Genesis networks means people gather together.

The Value Of Our Network

Engagement with end users is also very important to our product development process. Our team has a massive collective network in the orthopedic and medical device marketplace among physicians, operators in manufacturing companies, and operators in distribution companies.

Through our deep network, we can build a vast body of knowledge in a short period of time. We have worked diligently to build our relationships over the course of decades.

These relationships make it possible to address and resolve very complex problems simply by making a quick phone call and having an informal conversation with some of the best minds in the industry.

Team Contributions

Jeff Ondrla:
29 years in orthopedics
152 issued or pending patents

Rob Ball:
42 issued or pending patents

Our Healthcare Expertise Is What Sets Us Apart

We are a very focused medical device venture capital fund filled with 22 professionals, most of whom are either engineers or scientists.

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