From Genesis to HAPPE: An Interview with Jenna Hollern

Jenna Hollern interview about going from Genesis Innovation Group to HAPPE Spine

David Blue: Jenna, thanks for doing this interview. Can you start by sharing a bit about your career journey leading up to Genesis?

Jenna Hollern: Certainly. I started my career at Stryker in Kalamazoo, MI, where I was part of their internal audit department. It was an enlightening experience, as I traveled to different manufacturing and distribution locations, diving deep into global manufacturing and international business. Later, I transitioned from medical devices to patient care at Spectrum Health, now known as Corewell Health. During my time there, I progressed through finance roles that focused on supporting physician practices and provided insights into the financial impacts of daily decisions in healthcare. After that, I spent time at a national physical therapy group and then a genetic laboratory, both presenting unique challenges and perspectives in healthcare. Finally, an opportunity at Genesis led me to HAPPE Spine, where I now work full-time.

David Blue: Congratulations on your role at HAPPE! How did your responsibilities evolve at Genesis, leading to this transition?

Jenna Hollern: When I first joined Genesis, there was a pressing need for someone who could oversee the financial aspects for HAPPE Spine. As the company evolved and expanded its scope, ir provided me with opportunities beyond just finance,  specifically around warehouse and distribution activities. As more responsibilities arose, it became clear that I should dedicate my full attention to HAPPE as there was a real opportunity for me to become an integral part of the team.

David Blue: In what ways would you say that Genesis has that influenced your professional growth?

Jenna Hollern: What stood out for me at Genesis was the environment. Being surrounded by seasoned professionals who allow you the space to make decisions and learn from them has been invaluable. It’s an environment where mistakes are a part of growth, and that’s been pivotal in my development.

David Blue: Were you always destined for a full-time role at HAPPE Spine, or was the path different?

Jenna Hollern: Not exactly. I was aware it could be a possibility, but the transition occurred sooner than I anticipated. Both Genesis and HAPPE were supportive and ensured the transition was seamless, recognizing the mutual benefits it presented.

David Blue: Any practices or values from Genesis that you’ve carried over to HAPPE Spine?

Jenna Hollern: More than specific practices, it’s the mindset. Genesis prepared me for decision-making roles where I had to act independently and confidently. HAPPE Spine’s smaller team and rapid decision-making requirements aligned perfectly with this mindset.

David Blue: For those eyeing a role at Genesis, what advice would you offer?

Jenna Hollern:  Don’t hesitate! Genesis is an excellent place to work that is bringing innovation to the forefront of the medical device industry. They provide endless opportunities to grow and develop. The work can be challenging, but Genesis gives their employees the resources and autonomy to be successful. One of the things I valued most about Genesis is the freedom they gave me to work in my own style while also providing structure and guidance when needed. Genesis truly values and invests in its employees, and their consistent track record of success speaks volumes.

David Blue: Anything else you’d like to share?

Jenna Hollern: Reflecting on my journey with Genesis, I see it as a critical shift in my career. It has not only facilitated my individual growth as a professional but has also presented numerous hands-on opportunities across various organizations in their portfolio. Being able to concentrate on a single company and actively contribute to its growth has been a remarkable experience. Every significant achievement feels personal, knowing the effort I, along with the team, have invested. It’s truly rewarding.

Jenna Hollern now serves as the Head of Finance and Operations at HAPPE Spine.

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