Genesis Innovation Group

Continued Partnership

“I have worked with members of the Genesis team for almost 30 years. I have been blessed far beyond my expectations in part due to the smart and hard work by members of the Genesis team. This has encouraged me to continue to partner with them in the endeavors.”

– Michael Wirth MD, San Antonio, TX

Smart Investment

“Wakestream has invested along side Genesis in two of their portfolio companies because we have come to appreciate the depth of experience of the talent at Genesis and their highly innovative approach to business.”

– Mike DeVries, CIO, Wakestream Ventures

Win-Win Relationship

“I met the Genesis team more than 5 years ago, as I sought to commercialize our innovative material technology. Genesis worked with nanoMag to create a win-win relationship that has gone exactly to plan.”

– Steve Lebeau PhD, CEO nanoMag

Engaged Results

“I sought to leverage the value of my IP for years and struggled to get traction. Genesis engaged my project and within a year they did everything they said they would do, and the result was everything I hoped.”

– Stephen Gunther MD, Charlottesville, VA

Strategy Development

“Genesis played an integral role in developing the strategy for my company. Together with additional investment of time, talent, and money by Genesis, Imascap has grown beyond my expectations.”

– Jean Chaoui PhD, CEO Imascap SAS

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