We are continuously seeking and investigating medical device technologies where our team can complement the creation of value.

We are focused on early stage where our team can add value through the addition of technical competence, talented team members, and financial resources.

Shoulder Innovations

Shoulder Innovations’ Total Shoulder Replacement System addresses the most significant issue in shoulder arthroplasty: unreliable fixation of the glenoid implant.

More than 10 years ago, Shoulder Innovations developed inset glenoid fixation technology, creating a robust and stable glenoid platform.

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mdc cultivate portfolio

Magnesium Development

Bringing new life to soft tissue repair.

Magnesium Development’s (MDC) device uses an exclusive and proprietary magnesium technology, which provides optimal characteristics not found in existing materials used in orthopedic fixation devices, including high strength and controlled absorption while promoting regrowth of host tissue.

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iMAGEN Orthopedics

The power of advanced imaging systems to solve the most significant problems in total knee arthroplasty.

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Acquired by Wright Medical December 2017

Imascap develops software for preoperative planning of shoulder replacement surgery.

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happe spine cultivatemd


Hydroxyapatite (HA) has been shown to encourage osteointegration of implants due to the unique nature of this material providing a very bone-friendly surface. HA whisker reinforced PEEK with variable porosity allows HAPPE to create advanced spinal interbody implants.

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Every week 231,000+ Americans have their ears cleaned by physicians.

The SafKan OtoSet is the first automated and wearable cerumen removal device.

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