In my role as Medical Director of Genesis Innovation Group, the team will come to me with ideas and new products or want to make changes to existing project/concepts. I then spend some time really delving into things deeply and report back.

Immediate Surgeon Feedback

I think that my role has been really beneficial for the team in that it’s immediate feedback.

When there are projects that we’re looking at or ideas that we’re looking at, it may look great on paper from an engineering standpoint, and the business model may look great from the business standpoint.

Then when getting to the medical standpoint, I look at potential projects from a totally fresh viewpoint and a different mindset from things that I am aware of through my background and experience.

Evaluation From An Objective Medical Perspective

As a result of my medical training and my orthopedic training, I’m able to look at potential projects very objectively. I review the literature, review the problem areas which are present in the modern day, the current technology and how the problem is solved, and then look at this objectively and say,

“Is this going to achieve one of these goals?”

“Is it going to be cheaper?”

Is it going to be faster?”

“Is it going to be more reliable?”

“Is it going to get the patient back to a higher standard of function?”

This is something that has really assisted the company on which projects we look at, which projects we think are actually filling a need. Because that’s what we’re really here for,  as we’re not trying to produce a “me too” item.

Delivering Medical Device Innovation

With the projects and companies that we become involved with, we’re trying to get something that is going to fill a need and provides a new space and a new way that we can help patients solve problems. And, help physicians solve the patient’s problems, either less invasively, cheaper, faster, or more reliably.